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Elle Spencer Lewis is an Emmy-nominated composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and performer based in Los Angeles.  She has worked on award-nominated films, tv shows and interactive environments.  During the last ten years, she has toured Europe five times, releasing three pop albums, and placed songs  in features such as "Stronger" starring Jake Gyllenhaal and in TV shows such as "Missing" and "Friday Night Lights".  She has composed for multiple media platforms from films, documentaries, and commercials to interactive environments such as Redbull-At-Night and 3D visuals for the Space Shuttle Endeavor opening at the Science Center in L.A.


Elle Spencer Lewis was raised in a musical household in Montreal, Canada, first attending the Royal Conservatory Of Music, then going on to study music and theatre at McGill University.  She received a full scholarship to study Jazz at Los Angeles College of Music, where she studied with Dorian Holley (Michael Jackson, vocal coach American Idol), Kevyn Lettau, Frank Gambale and multiple Grammy award-nominated Tierney Sutton.  She recently received a full scholarship to attend Game Developers' Conference 2019 in San Francisco.  She has been invited as a guest speaker at Game Sound Conference 2019 in Los Angeles.


"Boots" - Elephant Tribe - Composer - 2019

"Texas Tall Tales" - Composer - 2019

“Stronger” - Lionsgate - Songwriter - 2017 


“Flower” - Rough House Pictures/Diablo Entertainment - Songwriter - 2017 

“Catgirl” -  Pillai  - Composer - 2017 


“Iconic Vision” - BBC - Additional Music - 2017


“Ghost of the Past” - Kess Film (Germany) - Composer - 2017 


“Just Plain Dead” (Webseries) - Calix Presents - Composer - 2016


“Lean On Us” - Manthei Productions - Composer - 2016


“2015 Red Bull At Night Presents: "The Circuitry of Life" - Composer - 2015 


“Space: Endeavor” LA Science Center - Composer  - 2015


“Friday Night Lights” - Imagine/NBC Television - Soundtrack - 2006-2011


“Missing” - Jerry Bruckheimer TV/CBS TV - Soundtrack - 2005

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