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Design exists to help us manage change, suggest new behaviors, help us adapt.  To convert utility into behavior.  It gives us a way of expressing a road to change in form.  Design is not about designing objects it's about using interaction to redesign behaviors, transforming complex problems into innovative, user-centered solutions. These provide value and reduce friction for the user, whilst achieving data-driven targets.

Redbull Cube.jpg

Circuitry of Life: Redbull At Night

  • Designed audio-reactive visuals projection-mapped onto existing archetecture.

  • Ran two separate 3D projection mapped experiences during the performance. 

  • Aided with testing and development of interactive audio and non-linear musical composition.

  • Assisted with project management

  • Testing and development of UX..


  • EEG 2-player game for people to make music with their mind.

  • Immersive experience for study of cognitive function.

  • Testing and development of real-time audio visual interaction driven by EEG.

  • Composition, testing and development of interactive audio and non-linear music

  • Touchdesigner programming for EEG to OSC control , data management, visuals and audio sync.

Immersive Wellness: Arizona State University 

  • Designed browser-based immersive wellness experiences for Alzheimer's care receivers and caregivers.

  • Developed user personas for UI.

  • Testing and development of UX. journey

  • Composition, testing and development of interactive audio and non-linear music.

  • Project management of multi-disciplinary team

Wilderbe Dance: Night On Broadway

  • 3D Projection Mapping

  • Running scene changes, and programmed lighting through Touchdesigner UI in real time. 

  • Testing and development of motion-tracking system 

  • Creating and testing of interactive visuals to dancer's movements


  • EEG Brainwave-controlled real-time visuals

  • Programmed  scene changes and file saving 

  • Developed frontend UI for client use at event 

  • Backend pipeline from Touchdesigner to external website for display of final image created with brainwaves

Lincoln Center/Berkelee College of Music: VRDream Machine

  • VR Videogame

  • Wwise and Unity driven

  • Composition and mixing of music and sound design 

  • Creating and testing of interactive objects and emitters  within the game

  • Collaborating on a long-range project with many remote  collaborators using Github, Dischord, Trello and other project management tools

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